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Philadelphia 2035

The Vision for Philadelphia's Growth and Development

Philadelphia2035 is the comprehensive plan for managing growth and development in the City of Philadelphia. The staff of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) creates the plans through an open process that includes outreach to citizens, business associations, institutions and other city agencies. The Commission itself then adopts the Plan. Once adopted, government agencies, elected officials, and community partners put the plan into action.


The first phase of Philadelphia2035 is the Citywide Vision, which establishes broad planning goals. It is the foundation of PCPC's current planning efforts.


The second phase of Philadelphia2035 consists of District Plans for all corners of Philadelphia - 18 different planning districts. District Plans recommend specific physical improvements and zoning changes.

Citizens, community leaders, and elected officials guide the priorities outlined in Philadelphia2035. Each District Plan includes at least three community meetings. PCPC designs these meetings to enable ordinary citizens to join the planning process.

using Philadelphia2035

Philadelphia2035 provides a blueprint to guide public and private investment in the physical development of our city.

Residents, business owners, builders, and public employees can use the Citywide Vision and District Plans to guide and understand growth.

Developers, Architects & Builders
  • Identify areas that are suitable for new development

  • Understand the City's development priorities

  • Align your design/development ideas with City goals

  • Participate in meetings for District Plans

Residents & Business Owners
public employees & administrators
  • Identify areas well-positioned for growth

  • Protect constituents from unwanted land uses

  • Strengthen or grow a neighborhood center

  • Maximize return on public investment

  • Pursue state or federal grants for public improvements

  • Participate in meetings for District Plans