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District at a Glance:

Central Northeast District boundary is generally located westward from six blocks below the intersection of Cottman Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard and the Regional Shopping Center extending west to the County line and northward to the Pennypack Creek. The Cottman and the Boulevard Regional Shopping Center is a major Focus Area of the district and includes several of the busiest roadways and vital transit and pedestrian corridors (Cottman, Bustleton and Castor Avenues and Roosevelt Boulevard).


In May 2017 City Planners held an interactive planning workshop to re-engage and coordinate next steps with the major stakeholders and city agencies to implement action to “strengthen Cottman and the Boulevard as a competitive regional center”.  

Top action steps include:

  • Design a shovel ready streetscape improvement plan

  • Make street network safer and more efficient 

  • Preserving historically significant Mid-century Modern structures

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