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The West Park District Plan was 

adopted by PCPC on March 20, 2012.

West Park District Planner: 

Ben Schmidt | (215) 683-4632

District at a Glance:

​The West Park District covers 6.86 square miles and has a total population of 43,354. The district’s boundaries were drawn to include West Fairmount Park, communities bordering the park, and neighborhoods located near City Avenue. The district performs dual roles in the city: it is a predominantly residential area, and its vast parkland is a major resource for recreation and open space. Major landmarks include the Philadelphia Zoo, St. Joseph’s University, and West Fairmount Park containing the Mann Center for the Performing Arts and the Please Touch Museum. 

The West Park District is defined by its abundance of parkland. West Fairmount Park and Cobbs Creek Park sit prominently on either side of the district. City Avenue, the major thoroughfare and border with Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, stretches along the northern boundary creating an imposing physical barrier between the two counties. Neighborhoods are filled with housing of varying density and architecture, each with unique issues and strengths.

West Park has great potential for development that will be aided by key infrastructure investments, further development of the City Avenue corridor and Centennial District, new development around transit nodes, and proper land-use and zoning changes recommended in the West Park District Plan.

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