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Philadelphia2035 provides a blueprint to guide public and private investment in the physical development of our city. Residents, business owners, builders, and public employees can use the Citywide Vision and District Plans to guide and understand growth.

Residents & Businesses 


  • Verify whether a proposed development is in line with the plan

  • Expand, start, or relocate a business

  • Purchase real estate

  • Participate in the planning process



  • Understand the City's design and development priorities

  • Identify areas well-positioned for growth

  • Identify suitable development sites

  • Align your design/development ideas with City goals


  • Maximize return on public investment

  • Pursue state or federal grants for public improvements

  • Protect constituents from unwanted land uses

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Apply to be a Citizen Planner
Citizens Planning Institute (CPI) teaches Philadelphians about zoning, development and planning. Sign-up to receive an email when applications are available, and learn more on the CPI website.


Start or Join a "Friends of" Group

Many parks and libraries have a “Friends of” group that helps raise money and supports the facility. Find your local friends of group or start one if your neighborhood doesn’t have one.

 Registered Community organizations

Join a Registered Community Organization 

RCO’s have the responsibility to hold public meetings for zoning variance requests and Civic Design Review projects. Find your local RCO and attend their meetings or work with their board.

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Nominate a Historic Building or Site

Nominate an important site in your area for historic designation so that it’s protected from inappropriate renovations or demolition. 

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