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District at a Glance:

The Lower Northeast is the third fastest growing district in the city. Its stable and affordable housing stock has made the district attractive to young families and immigrant populations. Housing options range from detached houses to apartments above stores on walkable commercial corridors. History abounds throughout the district with development dating to the 17th century.


Top planning issues include:

  • Increasing the variety of affordable housing options

  • Consolidating commercial uses into compact, walkable corridors

  • Reducing vacancy 

  • Increasing employment options 

  • Improving the safety and efficiency of the Boulevard, while adding increased transit options, will ensure that residents have safe and reliable access to employment centers and cultural attractions within the district, city, and region 

  • Increased pedestrian amenities, street trees, and green stormwater infrastructure will make streets safer for drivers and more inviting for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Expanding parkland along the Tacony-Frankford Creek will improve the quality of life for residents in Frankford and the entire Lower Northeast 

  • Preserving historic resources will stimulate pride in the district by celebrating the heritage of the Lower Northeast

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