This page will highlight an ongoing implementation project from either the Citywide Vision or one of our 18 district plans. Check back to get updates on new projects from City Planning!

Our first featured project is City Hall and all of the various implementation projects going on that you might have noticed while walking by. Improvements to City Hall were featured in the Central District Plan, which was adopted by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission in 2013. The City Hall recommendation in the Central District Plan was CTR 59 and focused on a number of improvements and suggestions for investment and rehabilitation of the historically significant building.

featured project: city hall

Rehab City Hall/15th St Subway Station:

SEPTA is in the midst of the first phase of a three-phase renovation project for City Hall & 15th Street Stations in coordination with the renovation of Dilworth Park. SEPTA's Early Action Phase will construct new fare lines to the Broad Street Line, Market-Frankford Line and the eastbound Trolley Lines stations. Also in this phase, SEPTA will introduce elevators to the Market-Frankford Line 15th Street Station and the eastbound Trolley Lines 15th Street Station.

Portal gates:

New, historically accurate portal gates were installed in the fall of 2015.

north & south aprons:

North Apron 

Construction is in progress to upgrade the north apron of City Hall. Phase 1 was completed in the fall of 2015. Phase 2 is scheduled for construction in the Summer of 2017.

South Apron

Octavius Catto Memorial, opened in the Summer of 2017.

dilworth park:

The complete redesign and reconstruction of Dilworth Park was completed in 2015.

courtyard project:

In June 2017, the City of Philadelphia announced new features at the City Hall Courtyard. This project was made possible with funding from the Heart of the Community program by Southwest Airlines and Project for Public Spaces. This project was a joint effort between several City partners.

The new City Hall Courtyard features include a stage, seating and a specially designed shade umbrella that collects rainwater and sustains green planters.