After the Planning Commission adopts a plan, putting it into action (also known as "implementation") is a group effort. City agencies, elected officials, and independent groups work together to achieve the goals of the plan.


City Planning staff members also dedicate significant effort to implementation. They promote zoning map changes, ensure that spending aligns with planning goals, and win grants for physical improvements.


To date, City Planning has leveraged over $21 million in grant funding for follow-up studies, design work, and construction.


Each year, we highlight progress in an annual report that doubles as a wall calendar. Read the 2018 edition.

PCPC has leveraged over $21 million in grant funding
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View the status of plan implementation near you on The Plan page. For district plan implementation updates, visit the district plan page. Also check out our Featured Project page for a spotlight on an implementation project update.

The Plan is just the beginning of the conversation of where to direct City attention and funding. There is no wrong time to get involved in the planning process! There are many ways you can help make it happen:


Apply to be a Citizen Planner
Citizens Planning Institute (CPI) teaches Philadelphians about zoning, development and planning. Sign-up to receive an email when applications are available, and learn more on the CPI website.


Join your neighborhood Registered Community Organization (RCO)

RCO’s have the responsibility to hold public meetings for zoning variance requests. Find your local RCO and attend their meetings or work with their board!


Attend a zoning remapping public meeting

PCPC and City Council work with community groups on zoning remapping. Find and attend public remapping meetings in your neighborhood. See which areas have already been remapped.


Participate in your civic group

Civic groups work to improve a community’s quality of life through public space, development meetings, tree plantings and other programs. If your neighborhood doesn’t have one, start one with other neighbors.


Start or join a “Friends of” group

Many parks and libraries have a “Friends of” group that helps raise money and supports the facility. Find your local friends of group or start one if your neighborhood doesn’t have one.


Nominate a historic building or site

Nominate an important site in your area for historic designation so that it’s protected from inappropriate renovations or demolition. 

There is no wrong time to get involved in the planning process.

exchange meetingS

PCPC has held formal “exchange meetings” with the various city agencies over the last six years to facilitate the implementation of Philadelphia2035. In 2017, we decided to re-energize the process and highlight some areas that could use the attention of a number of city agencies. The workshops consist of site tours, stakeholder presentations and then facilitated exercises to set priorities and next steps for implementation.