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The Upper Northwest District Plan Begins

City Planning is proud to announce the start of the Upper Northwest District Plan. The plan will address topics like:

  • Housing,

  • Jobs and businesses

  • Zoning (regulates what can be built where and what a property can be used for)

  • Transportation

  • Rec centers, parks, other city-owned properties

  • Protecting historic buildings and sites

  • And more!

We look forward to collaborating with neighbors, civic associations, businesses, institutions, elected officials, and fellow government agencies. Together we will create a vision for the future of the Upper Northwest!

It’s important to know what the district is like now before we can plan for the future. For the next two months, we will:

  • Review previous plans for the area

  • Survey the district to see what each property is being used for (commercial, residential, etc.)

  • Look at the current zoning for every property

  • Analyze information on the District's population and economy, including residents’ race, age, level of education, how many work within the district vs. outside, and more.

We will build our public conversations on this information. Three different public meetings will be held to gather ideas about how the district should grow and improve. The feedback from these meetings will inform the plan. We'll also set up an interactive web site to allow those who can't make our meetings to have their voices heard.

For more information about the Upper Northwest District, visit the district page.

Once the public input process is underway, we will post the interactive website link on the district page. You can also sign-up to receive email notifications.

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