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New survey for 25th Street traffic flow

The City’s planning for 25th Street in South Philadelphia continues with a new survey. This new input will refine recommendations for safety improvements and traffic flow.

In this final phase of the study, the design team is looking at how the lanes are drawn—and how they are actually used—on the street. The new survey will collect feedback from residents and road users about three possible road designs.

The three designs show different configurations of road paint and signals. Survey responders should consider factors like parking, street crossings, bike lanes, and pedestrian paths.

The street runs between West Passyunk and Washington Avenues, a length of about 1.2 miles. Above 25th Street is an active railroad, elevated by a viaduct. The declining condition of the viaduct has prevented road work to 25th Street. Once the condition of the overhead viaduct is improved then the roadway can be reopened for use.

The brief survey is available online:

In April 2022, project team members will table at locations near 25th Street. The schedule is posted online, here:

These tabling events are opportunities for residents and road users to fill out a paper survey. They can also talk directly with the project team.

Feedback can also be submitted by calling (215) 395-4657 and leaving a voice message.

This community engagement will inform improvements to the street.

Questions? Contact the project manager:

Jonathan Goins:


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