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Nicetown Neighborhood Rezoning

On Thursday, October 17th at 6pm there will be a public meeting at Triumph Baptist Church (1648 W. Hunting Park Avenue).

At the meeting, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission will present proposed zoning changes in the Nicetown neighborhood. Attend to learn about the proposed changes and make comments. The meeting is in an ADA accessible building.

What is zoning?

Zoning determines the shape and size of buildings, and what activities are allowed in buildings and on land. For example, whether a property can be used as a house or a store.

Where are the zoning changes proposed?

The rezoning area is bounded by Erie Avenue, Broad Street, and Hunting Park Avenue.

Where did the proposed changes come from?

The proposed changes are from the City's Philadelphia2035 plan.

The City created the plan by working with neighborhood residents, local organizations, businesses, and institutions.

View the entire plan, including proposed zoning, here:

Is this different from the Nicetown rezoning meeting that happened in April 2019?

No, the same information will be shared. The community requested a second meeting.

Who can I contact with questions?

Ariel Diliberto, City Planner



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