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Draft North District Plan & Video, Accepting Public Comment

City Planning released the draft North District Plan today. You can download the draft plan in English [PDF] and Spanish [PDF] on the North District Plan Page. Please send comments by January 5th, 2018 to Ashley Richards, the Plan Manager.

We are very excited to offer video footage about what's in the plan! Thanks to the City's Channel 64 for recording the presentation of the draft to the Planning Commission:

**NOTE: the deadline was extended from November 14th to January 5th, 2018!

The draft plan addresses topics like:

  • Housing and seniors aging in place

  • Neighborhood businesses & shopping areas

  • Industry and jobs

  • Zoning (regulates what and where you can build)

  • Transportation and traffic safety

  • Rec centers and parks

  • Public space and beautification

  • Protecting historic buildings

  • and more!

What's a Plan?

A city plan uses community input, research, and surveying, to guide how to improve housing, neighborhoods, jobs, shopping options, transportation, and public space. Plans also identify how to turn the ideas in the plan into action. Once completed, City Planning works with other city departments, partners, and community groups to make the plan happen.

Learn more about the Philadelphia2035 plan.

What's Next?

The final version of the plan will be presented for adoption at the City Planning Commission meeting on January 16th at 1pm, at 1515 Arch Street, 18th Floor, Room 18-029. Open to the public!

Once the plan is adopted by the City Planning Commission, our staff will start working on making it happen, in partnership with community organizations, North District residents, fellow City departments, and other partners.

Thank you to all the organizations and residents who participated in shaping the plan, and helped us conduct the first fully bilingual Phila2035 district planning process! Including:

  • HACE

  • Esperanza

  • Impact Services

  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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