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Record participation in Citizens Planning Institute by City employees!

Citizens Planning Institute is for people from all over Philadelphia who love where they live

Our Citizens Planning Institute course teaches Philadelphians about city planning, zoning, and development so they can shape and preserve their neighborhoods!

City Planning invests in Philadelphians through Citizens Planning Institute, which empowers them to work with us on Philadelphia2035 as well as on their own neighborhood initiatives.

Citizens Planning Institute also connects Philadelphians to City government. Citizen Planners tell us things like:

"The thing I learned at CPI was that the City is really accessible to us, and that the perspective of the City is that it really values its citizens as coworkers."

city employees are people from all over philadelphia who love where they live

Over the years we've had many City employees in Citizens Planning Institute, as instructors and as participants. But this Spring was exceptional!

Over 20% of Spring 2018 participants were City employees. We had Citizen Planners from the following City offices:

  • Adult Education

  • Land Bank

  • Parks & Recreation

  • City Treasurer

  • Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services

  • Mayor's Office

  • Procurement

AND every Citizens Planning Institute class this Spring was taught by City employees, from all these different offices:

  • City Planning

  • Rebuild

  • Emergency Management

  • Information & technology

  • Open Data & Digital Transformation

  • Transportation & infrastructure Systems

  • Streets

Thank you City employees for your dedication to where you live, both during & outside of work!


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