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Development Checklist helps with projects big & small

Whether you’re adding an addition onto your house or working on a real estate project, the City’s Development Services Division can help!

The Development Checklist was created to answer development questions.

From creating new buildings to restoring old structures to preventing flooding on your property, this checklist will help you through the process.

The Checklist provides an overview of the most common permits and approvals required for real estate projects, so you can know what to expect with your development project.

Eleven City departments provided helpful tips in the Checklist to prevent delays and answer questions like:

  • Who do I contact about a permit?

  • Does my property need a Pre-Building Permit Review?

  • Will my development need an Air Pollution Permit?

  • What is the usual review time for my building permit?

  • Can I get an accelerated review of my permit? How much will it cost?

The Development Checklist is updated regularly to reflect new permit requirements, updates in fees and other information important to your development’s success.

Additional information about applications and reviews can be found by clicking on the links throughout the document.

What is the Division of Development Services?

The Division of Development Services is a division of the Department of Planning & Development that works to make developing in Philadelphia as easy as possible.

If it doesn’t provide answers to your questions, or if you need more help, you can contact Development Services at (215) 683-4652 or


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