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Odd Fellows Hall in East Falls designated historic

What is Odd Fellows Hall?

Constructed in 1868, the former Odd Fellows’ Hall building at 4600-06 Ridge Avenue is highly visible at the intersection of Ridge and Midvale Avenues in East Falls.

Since its construction, the Hall has served as a defacto town hall and community center, hosting of fraternal organizations, community groups, commercial enterprises, and social gatherings.

It started with the plan

We recommended historic designation for structures along Ridge Avenue in the Philadelphia2035 Lower Northwest (LNW) plan.

  • LNW Recommendation 37: Prepare nominations on the Philadelphia Historic Register for Structures along Ridge Avenue that contributed to the historical development of the Ridge Turnpike (among other sites and buildings).

making it happen

Going from plan to action, the building was nominated by Philadelphia Historical Commission staff and designated historic by the Historical Commission in May!

This protects the building from demolition, and alterations must meet historic standards and be approved by Historical Commission staff.


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