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May 25th deadline to participate online in Upper Northwest 2nd public meeting

If you missed the Upper Northwest District Plan 2nd public meeting, tomorrow is your last day to participate online!

Tell us how the plan should address topics like:

  • Housing affordability and growth

  • Parks: improvements and easier access

  • Culture and history

  • Vacant land and buildings

  • Streets, plazas, and other public spaces

  • Libraries, health centers, and rec centers

  • Transportation and safe streets

  • Reusing large city-owned buildings

  • And more!

What's a Plan?

A city plan uses community input, research, and surveying to guide how to improve housing, neighborhoods, jobs, shopping options, transportation, and public space.

Plans also identify how to turn the ideas in the plan into action. Once completed, City Planning works with other city departments, partners, and community groups to make the plan happen.

Learn more about Philadelphia2035 and the Upper Northwest District.

What's Next?

Your input will be incorporated into the draft plan. The draft plan will be released this summer and there will be a 2-month period for anyone to comment on it.

After those comments are incorporated, the final version of the plan will be presented for adoption at a City Planning Commission meeting, which are open to the public!

Once the plan is adopted, our staff will start working on making it happen, in partnership with community organizations, fellow City departments, other partners, and YOU!

How can i get updates?


Ian Hegarty, Upper Northwest Community Planner | 215.683.4672


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