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The Upper Northwest Plan draft is in the works!

185 people attended the final public meeting and gave us their feedback on draft recommendations for Upper Northwest Philadelphia.

Your input helped us improve the plan

Thank you! It will be incorporated into the draft of the plan.

Many of you asked for a closer look at our zoning recommendations! You can see draft zoning recommendations online and through the Upper Northwest District page.

how do i see the draft plan?

We will present at the City Planning Commission meeting on July 17th, open to the public.

We'll also post the draft of the plan our website and provide hard copies to libraries and community groups in the Upper Northwest District.

From July 17th through September 14th we will take comments from the public on the draft plan and make changes as appropriate.

The final version of the plan will be presented for adoption at the September 18th City Planning Commission meeting, open to the public.

What happens when the plan is finished?

Once the plan is adopted, City agencies, such as the Streets Department and the Department of Parks & Recreation use the plan to guide their projects. Community groups, non-profit organizations and institutions also work with us to put the plan into action.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!


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