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What YOU want to see at the Wissahickon Gateway

The results are in!

To gather public input for the Wissahickon Gateway Plan, City Planning held a public meeting and sent staff to the Wissahickon Gateway to survey people. People also took the survey online.

The Wissahickon Gateway is the area where the Schuylkill River and Wissahickon Creek meet. It includes the Wissahickon Transportation Center, Wissahickon Train Station, and parts of the Schuylkill River Trail and Wissahickon Valley Trail.

The survey and meeting asked people what would make the area around the Wissahickon Transportation Center a better place to bike, walk, catch the bus or train, shop, and more! 85 people attended the meeting and 486 responded to the survey.

here's what people said:

Less than half of all survey respondents feel safe in the Wissahickon Gateway area.

Only 28% of pedestrians, runners, and bicyclists surveyed feel safe in the area.

The most popular ideas in the survey to improve safety were protected bike lanes, a new trail along the river, and wider sidewalks.

88% of those surveyed who walk, run, or bike through the Gateway said that they would use a new waterfront trail that connects Kelly Drive to the Pencoyd Bridge.

Pedestrians, runners, and bicyclists surveyed overwhelmingly want a public bathroom and water fountain in the area.

63% of votes at the public meeting were for mixed-use development in area. This could include apartments over shops, offices buildings, or a hotel.

What's next?

This input will help determine which ideas should be put into action, which will be included in the Wissahickon Gateway Plan recommendations.

A second public meeting is planned for Spring 2018 to present the plan. To be notified when it is, you can:

Thank you to the staff at the Clean Air Council and Michael Baker, International, the engineering consultant for the project, who helped survey users at the Gateway.

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